Black Tweed Shorts

These tweed shorts are ancient! But since winter is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere, I had to blog them because they are my winter go-to item that I wear quite often with black opaque stockings.

Before having lived in Europe, I had never seen or heard of winter shorts worn with stockings. I only knew summer shorts! So when I discovered them, I jumped on the bandwagon and made myself a pair. I also thought they were warmer than a short skirt in the cold and looked kinda chic with boots. They were quite trendy amongst girls and women in the colder seasons.

I made these out of the fabric remnants of a jacket I made a long, long time ago when we still lived in Germany. The fabric is a black wool and silk tweed.


There wasn’t much fabric left to use for anything much but I managed to squeeze out these guys. They ended up being a little too short for my taste, so I had to use small pieces to lengthen them with strips of fabric on the bottom of each leg as much as I could. It came down to every centimetre!

For the pattern, I just used another pair of pants I had that fit me well, lay them flat on top of the fabric and cut around the edges, leaving enough for the seams. To be honest, I don’t even know which pants I used for the pattern. That says a lot about their age!

They are loose fitting, totally comfy and sort of just sit on the hip. And…they are quick and easy to make!

The shorts have two darts each front and back and are lined edge to edge with a simple black lining fabric. There is no waistband and a dress zip closes them off at the back.

I like to wear these shorts with boots. Heeled or flat ones. And of course opaque stockings, (which I coincidentally didn’t in these photos😬).

Sometimes an outfit in one colour looks great and I do like an all black look. But I also like to throw in a splash of colour to pep things up. So that was the red coat’s job here. And also sticking to the autumn colour scheme, as it was when we took the photos.

There are some more winter shorts planned for this season in thicker, wintery fabrics. They are a nice alternative to skirts when it gets cold. Worn with tall or ankle boots. Maybe even a winter playsuit? Let’s see what the stash has to offer in suitable fabrics!

Do you have an older clothing piece that is your favourite or go-to in a particular season?

LOCATION: Mt. Buffalo, Victorian High Country

STYLING: coat – Zara, boots – Zara, hat – FCUK, sunglasses – Agenda, top – Zara