Long Country Road

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A sunny floral maxi dress to start wrapping up the warm weather season before the cold starts to set in and I get stuck into making winter gear….After having a much too long break from blogging due to a new job and life in general, I decided to use our very short camping trip location over the Easter break (only one night – can’t get shorter than that!) to photograph this daffodil print satin maxi dress.

When I saw this fabric at Lincraft ages ago, it was love at first sight! I love maxi dresses with a mega print of some sort on them (not easy to find) and this was definitely destined for a maxi. The fabric has a beautiful flow to it and is beautifully slippery but not too shiny. I love that the print is only in the middle and there is white on both sides.


Not sure of exactly which style of maxi I would make, I bought quite a few metres of the fabric and then went back and bought a bit more for an airy loose top! So you may see that coming up in a future blog, when I get around to it….you know how it is – sew much fabric, sew little time…!

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This is another one of my famous no-pattern makes. I just measured the length I would need for the dress plus a little more just in case and used the complete width of the fabric. When I realised that it would be too see-through without lining, I used some cotton voile in white to line the whole dress. So it’s not see-through but also still very light and has heaps of room for movement.

Michael Kors had some summer dresses in the past that used a thicker chain or necklace as a closure for around the neck and I had always wanted to make one, so I thought that would be just perfect for this dress. I found a very affordable, somewhat thicker gold chain at Lovisa that I thought and hoped would hold the dress up! It was going to either be gathered or pleated around the neck part and after trying both out, I decided to pleat it because it would lie flat and not be too bulky with the two layers of fabric. I folded over the pleating after securing it with lots of big hand stitching and made a tunnel to pull the chain through. Then I machine sewed the tunnel and pulled the hand stitching out.

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The front of the dress is exactly the same as the back and the sides are just sewn together with enough of a slit left and right for the arms to move freely and still wear an unseen strapless bra. The hem is very small and just machine sewn.

Once again, I love that this dress has no zip and just slips on over my head by opening the necklace and fixing it again to close. Too easy!


I love to wear this dress with heels because I am not very tall, but it also looks great with elegant flat sandals or even bare feet!

There was one strip of fabric left over and I use it as either a head piece or belt. I hand stitched the hem by rolling the edges and just barely catching the fabric to make it as invisible as possible. Using the fabric strip as a belt makes the dress more versatile and gives it a completely different shape and look. I think a nude colour leather belt or a gold chain belt would also work well.





Depending on how this maxi is worn, it really has a 70s vibe to it, especially with the head scarf!

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Someone forgot to water this tree…



Finishing off the dress, I had to try it on a few times with flats and heels to decide on the length, as I wanted to leave both options open. It should be a little longer to wear with heels, but then I would be stepping on it in flats…sometimes you just can’t win…I probably don’t wear this gorgeous dress enough, but who does, when you have so much to choose from as a fanatical sewer and fashion lover with a too small, tightly packed wardrobe?


Styling:  hat: no name brand from Myer, amber and silver bracelet: bought from little boutique in Gdansk, Poland, amber and silver ring: custom made in Poland, sunglasses: Margot by Tom Ford, shoes: Apart Fashion (German Fashion label), gold chain in dress: Lovisa