Electric Blue Gauze Top

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I have had this gorgeous Donna Karan linen gauze from The Fabric Store lying around for a while now, half made up as a dress and never quite finished off because somehow it just didn’t look right. Then last month I was in the city and visited Zara. If they had gold card membership, I would probably be on somewhere on the top of their list! But this time I was just having a very innocent look around, not really wanting to buy anything. That innocent phase didn’t last long because a pair of electric blue shoes caught my eye almost instantly. They were kind of hard to ignore because they stuck out like a sore thumb and I just fell for the colour!

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I didn’t have any blue shoes in my shoe collection apart from navy ones and had been wanting to buy a real blue pair for some time, but wasn’t specifically on the look out. Anyway…. I brought them home and thought of returning them, because despite finding the colour amazingly beautiful, I didn’t have anything to wear them with….until I rediscovered the half finished dress in the Donna Karan electric blue gauze.


That’s when I decided that was reason enough to keep the shoes (any excuse will do!) and started to play around with the dress. I decided that whatever I was going to make out of it, I would wear it with these shoes. In the meantime, I have found a few other pieces in my wardrobe to wear these shoes with, so my guilty conscience is not so guilty anymore!

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I started by taking the skirt and the top of the dress apart and thought at first to just make a skirt instead of a dress but then I was putting the skirt on over my head and before I put it down to waist level, I realised that this would be perfect for a strapless top! I already had the lining also in an electric blue cotton polyester (I think) that I got from my grandmother. (She doesn’t sew anymore but still has a healthy stash, so if I need anything for a muslin or lining I have a look at what she has lying around.)


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The skirt part of the dress was already as good as done. I had doubled the gauze to give it more body and colour, so there was no need to hem it. All I had to do to finish off the top was to connect the lining to the gauze, put in an elastic band to gather it and hem the lining. Just a quick make to wear with shorts, skirts and fitted pants. Wear heels to dress it up or flats to keep it more casual.


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Because the top is gathered with the elastic band, it can also be worn as a skirt. So it’s another two in one! But for this post, I have used it as a top.  Most importantly, it’s great to wear because it’s so light that you almost feel you’re not wearing anything! And lastly, the colour is pure summer! Taking photos in Brighton but thinking of the Italian Riviera in summer – somehow the grass is always greener on the other side…!

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Thanks to my very supporting Hubs and boys for always helping out with the photo shoots!

Styling: shoes: Zara, shorts: Zara, beaded necklace: unknown brand, coral necklace: unknown brand, gold ring: Lovisa, silver ring: Apart Fashion (German label) sunglasses: Margot by Tom Ford, hat: Country Road, bracelets: Mother’s Day gift from my boys