Slow and Easy Does It

DSC_8754DSC_8751                                 blog pattern1

Finally, my first blog – yay! It has only taken months for me to present this blog, but here it is!

 For my premier post, I decided to try a simple one shoulder dress from Burda pattern no. 7225 in size 10. Usually, if I like the way the garment is pictured on the pattern cover, then I try to find a similar fabric and make the same look. When I chose this pattern, I loved the look of the dress in denim in the top left corner and decided to use a beautiful dark ink blue denim that I found at Lincraft. To make it a little more interesting (even though not visible on the outside), I used orange bias binding on the edging of the seams instead of just overlocking them. Overall, I am quite happy with the dress, as it was easy, fun and most of all quick to make. However, the back sags a bit, as you can see in the picture above and the arm hole was not deep enough for me, so I had to enlarge it after having worn it a day and noticing that it was uncomfortable. The other down side was that being too eager to get into the project, I didn’t wash the fabric before cutting and sewing (even though I knew I should) and the dress has stretched a little after wearing it a few times.

Unfortunately it was difficult to photograph the dress in the right light to really see any of the stitching and detail, such as the big 70s-like pockets. I am working on improving photography and blogging techniques!

 DSC_8699 Vona Tarra       DSC_8759                                            DSC_8762


2 thoughts on “Slow and Easy Does It

  1. Woo hoo! So excited to finally get you online sewing bestie 😊! Love your look, as usual! Dress looks great (small sway back adjustment next time?) and perfect for our next trip to Firenze together. Maybe I can make a matching one?! N x

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