New Sewing Blogger in Town…

After my sewing bestie Cheeky Cha Cha made the move to a warmer climate for a few years, I decided it was time to start my own sewing blog so that I could keep her (and anyone else who was interested) up to date with what I was doing. So here it is!

7 thoughts on “New Sewing Blogger in Town…

  1. I’m SO excited that it took me moving 15,000kms away to get you blogging! I expect big things my dear. Big things! Xx

  2. You Look Stunning in all the designs you create, you always have, even since back when we were teenagers. Love your Blog it’s great Relski xx

  3. Best seamstress in Melbourne! I would highly recommend Ivona’s classy style, expertise and flair on the sewing machine! Great to see her passion and amazing talent being shared with others.

  4. Classic styles are timeless, Ivona and your choice of fabric and combination of accessories simply stunning. They translate beautifully to contemporary fashion. Your aesthetic sense as well as sewing skill are faultless. Well done!

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